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Rupert Graves. Mark Gatiss. Mystrade. Sherlock. Doctor Who. Tom Hiddleston. James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender. Cats. I like slash, and have been reading dirty fanfic since I was 14. Shit, that's half my life. 30 year old fangirl who does what she wants. Also known as BananAg. I have no regrets.

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Magnus fought back a tear as he listened to the pale man beneath him. “You are far too kind, but I believe every word that you say. You are my true love,” he said softly as the blonde kissed King.

"When it comes to you, Magnus, I can never be far too kind. I feel like I’ve found the one with you." He pushed his hand into the wild curls stick up on Magnus’ head. "You are the one I’ve been waiting on for thousands of years." whatssuperliminal

Magnus bit his lip and blushed. “I feel like you are the one for me too. My loneliness has lasted mere seconds compared to the time that you have been alive. I’m here by your side no matter what.” Magnus leaned up to lightly kiss his love’s lips.

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this fucking cat looks like a video game glitch

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TM International is launching Valentine’s Kiss at MIPCOM-2014 

Carlos Hertel, the head of international sales at TM International:
“As with all our previous Pilcher miniseries, the production value is simply outstanding and way above other Pilcher adaptations.” (x)

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365 Days of Mystrade: Day 273 - Reading and Football


Based on this lovely fanart by the wonderful felixandria <3


Greg was firmly planted on the sofa, watching an Arsenal game, when Mycroft got home.  He smiled as he heard the door open and close, but kept sitting, for he knew the younger man would come find him anyway.  Besides, the game was almost to the half and it was damn good and he didn’t really want to miss anything. 

He had all but collapsed on the sofa when he got home from the Yard earlier, not even bothering to head up to the bedroom to change out of his clothes.  Granted, he tugged his tie down so it was loose (he never wore bloody ties but there had been a press conference today, and it was always expected at press conferences), unbuttoning the top three buttons of his shirt, and rolling up the sleeves a bit.  So overall, he was comfortable.  That’s all that mattered. 

He grinned up at Mycroft as he entered the room, briefcase in hand and suit jacket draped around his arm.  The politician offered him a smile in return and made his way over, setting his briefcase down and draping his jacket along the back of a chair, before joining him on the sofa. 

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A very accurate depiction of a cat owner.

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